Redevio Ar-Ge Bilgi ve Operasyon Teknolojileri Ltd. Çalışma Arkadaşları Arıyor

Redevio Ar-Ge Bilgi ve Operasyon Teknolojileri Ltd. Çalışma Arkadaşları Arıyor


Redevio is a software development company founded in 2011 working on mobile applications, games, VR/AR, Human-Computer Interaction, Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence and similar other front-end and user-oriented projects. Currently we have a team of talented team members working in the area for more than 10 years of experience. Our team consists of double majors, MScs, PhDs as well as juniors and students. We are starting a new project that is already funded by TUBITAK 1507 Programme and financial resources will directly be compensated by the governmental funds. For the project mentioned above, and other continuing projects, we are looking for a team member specialized on computer vision, image processing and artificial intelligence. The project will be carried in Bilkent Cyberpark.

As a computer vision programmer, you should be passionate about writing high-end, complex and algorithmic image processing applications as well as artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms programs. You will be able to design and implement new systems, apply existing AI theorems to code and create new solutions for unsolved computer vision problems. If you’re an experienced engineer looking for an opportunity to grow and contribute to our applications and other low-level systems, we want to talk to you!

• A degree in Computer Science / related discipline or equivalent undergraduate diploma
In this role, you will do
•Image Processing development (research, design, implementation, test)
•Develop clean, efficient, and well tested code
•Debug, profile, and optimize CPU, GPU and MLU code
•Mentorship and guidance for junior engineers
•Research for future cutting-edge Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence technologies

What we’re looking for
•Strong programming background on OpenCV and Python.
•Experienced with at least one of the Deep Learning libraries like TensorFlow, PyTorch, etc.
•Experience in utilizing open-source libraries and APIs of pre-trained models and algorithms.
•Knowledge in image classification, segmentation and feature extraction.
•Worked on projects including Convolutional Neural Networks and End-to-End Learning.
•Hands-on experience with mono/stereo-vision camera products, Linux and Windows environments.
•Ability to understand and improve cross-departmental processes in interdisciplinary teams.
•Able to read academic research papers and propose solutions for problems encountered.
•Experience with Augmented Reality, Mobile Applications and Games is a plus.

For Applications,
Please send your CV to
Due Date,
Application is valid until 30.06.2021

Tepe Binası Z44
06800, Bilkent, Ankara

Bu bir ilandır – 30.04.2021